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Adult and Youth Group Visits - Plan Your Visit

Please allow 20 minutes for each subject area.


Covers the early years of Gloster Aircraft Company.

Following the build-up of aircraft manufacturing, from its beginning during the First World War to the last piston engine aircraft of the Second World War.


Learn about Sir Frank Whittle and his ground-breaking work on the first practical jet propulsion unit, plus the first test flights of the experimental aircraft built to test his engine.

Continue the story of Gloster Aircraft Company from the first operational jet fighter for the RAF to the Gloster Javelin, an all-weather interceptor used during the Cold War era.


Your opportunity to play the role of a jet fighter pilot and Red Arrows pilot in our Hunter and Gnat cockpits, without even leaving the ground!

Our youngest visitors are not forgotten, they can sit in and operate our small-scale World War One biplane, known affectionately to us as Biggles


The iconic Vulcan bomber was part of Britain’s V Force, Britain’s airborne nuclear deterrent during the Cold War. The nose section we have includes the flight deck and the workstation for the Weapons, Navigation and Communications Officers.

Important note: Access to the Vulcan is via the original crew ladder which is unfortunately not suitable for young children or visitors with mobility limitations. The Vulcan experience is not available to younger youth groups (eg Beavers)


The BAC Trident holds the distinction of being the first aircraft to successfully complete a total instrument- only landing, thanks in large part to the work by Smiths Industries based in Gloucestershire.

The Trident experience includes archive footage of that event along with a visit to the Flight Deck in our front fuselage section.


A visit covering all subjects will take between one hour 40 minutes and 2 hours. Younger
youth group visits (eg Beavers) will take approximately one hour