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A warm welcome for all our Visitors

Our volunteers understand that not all disabilities are visible and we welcome visitors of all nationalities, backgrounds, abilities and ages to the museum.  Please find below our accessibility statement.

Accessibility Statement


1. Jet Age aims to welcome all members of society into the Museum, regardless of sex, age, social status, ethnic origin or ability. In support of this aim, this Access Policy sets out our criteria for providing access to the Museum’s collections. It aims to promote understanding and enjoyment of the collections through a wide range of means, as resources allow.


2. The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the museum meets its obligations under the Equality Act (2010) by doing everything reasonably possible to make Jet Age accessible to the widest range of people.
3. Management Committee members and other Team Leaders are responsible for ensuring that the activities of their teams takes into account the need to maximise access by noting the comments below.
4. Every member of the volunteer team involved in developing, delivering or maintaining spaces, activities, resources and other services for our users is responsible for making them as accessible as possible.

Types of Access

5. Areas of access covered by this policy are:
  • Physical access refers to the building, its construction and facilities.
  • Sensory access encompasses means of interpretation which may be required by those with limited sight or hearing.
  • Cultural access takes into account the diversity of visitors.
  • Intellectual access refers to the provision of information for visitors with a range of learning styles and abilities.
  • Financial access includes the provision of free admission to Jet Age, in addition to activities, events, publications and commercial facilities to suit a range of incomes.


The Building

6. Jet Age is committed to maximising access by upholding the statutory requirements of the Equality Act (2010) by taking reasonable steps to ensure that policies, practices and procedures do not discriminate against disabled people, by making all public areas and/or facilities of the building accessible and by
making the building navigable by visitors with visual impairment, by providing plenty of accessible seating throughout the museum and café, by providing disabled toilet and baby changing facilities, and by providing parking spaces for blue badge holders. In addition:
  • Reception volunteers will welcome and assist all visitors according to their needs.
  • The comfort and ease of visitors will be addressed, including providing, where possible, of appropriate toilets, nappy changing facilities, access for push chairs, and an on-site wheelchair.
  • The Museum aims to provide adequate signage and/or navigational facilities to suit a range of visitor needs (e.g. in different sensory formats and languages), as resources become available.
  • Refreshment and other commercial facilities appropriate to a range of ages and pockets, are made available as resources allow.
  • There is no charge for entry and Jet Age will ensure the museum is open to the public to the maximum extent within the available volunteer, managerial and financial resources.

The Collection

7. Jet Age is committed to interpreting and managing the collection to provide a varied means of access within its financial means, including visual displays, publications and Virtual Reality projects within the next 5 years to cover those exhibits that are not physically accessible for some, due to the very nature of their construction.
8. Provide interpretive information in formats appropriate for visitors with limited sight or hearing, as resources become available and allow, for example through ICT & large print labels. Provide levels of information to suit a range of audiences and abilities, as resources allow and provide publications to suit
different levels of inquiry and financial means.
9. Ensure sufficient volunteers are available to communicate verbally to visitors with sensory impairments while ensuring that visitors are made to feel welcome and are put at their ease, creating an environment in which people will feel comfortable, valued and able to learn at their own pace and level.


10. The Museum aims to provide educational materials for different audiences and levels of ability, as resources allow. In addition, the museum aims to provide education programmes to interpret the collections for people from a range of backgrounds and abilities, to make educational events as accessible as possible to people with a wide range of abilities and needs and provide educational programmes and visits tailored to specific groups and audiences.


11. The Museum aims to keep the general public, including a wide range of audience groups, informed of permanent and temporary displays & events through appropriate publicity. In addition, the museum aims to provide publicity material on request in alternative formats for a range of needs, as resources allow, and ensure that our promotional activities present the museum as a welcoming, non-threatening, inclusive destination.

The Museum


General Information

12. Jet Age Museum, an all-volunteer organisation, is the home of the Gloucestershire Aviation Collection, a registered charity and ‘not for profit’ company.
13. The museum tells the story of Gloucestershire’s aviation heritage, in particular, the origins and development of the Gloucester Aircraft Company (later the Gloster Aircraft Company) and, most importantly, the development of jet powered flight, in the UK.
14. The Museum opening times are 1000hrs to 1600hrs (Café 1000-1530hrs) Saturdays & Sundays, majority of Bank Holidays, and every Wednesday during Gloucestershire programmed School holidays. The Museum is closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day. The Museum may be open to the general public on other days throughout the year and these days and times will be advertised on the museum web-site in advance. Jet Age also hosts special events, booked visits by groups and schools educational visits as part of the STEM programme on other than public opening days.
15. Information about the collection is on the Jet Age website:
16. Upto-date news is on our Facebook page:
17.Contact the museum through the website or email:
18. Jet Age is on Twitter:
19. The museum telephone number is 01452 260078, during opening times only.
20. There is no charge for admission to the museum or the exhibits and no charge for parking…….. but donations are welcomed!
21. Jet Age Museum comprises the main building, car parking areas for the public and volunteers, a picnic and airport viewing area and space for a number of our outside aircraft exhibits. The Jet Age workshop is at Brockworth but it is not available for public access.
22. The Museum has a main entrance, on the east side of the building, into the Reception area, which provides access to the Jet and Whittle Café area, the public toilets and the main Display Hall. The Display Hall is an expansive ‘hangar like’ area housing our aviation shop and the majority of the collection with onward access to the outside exhibits, including the Avro Vulcan cockpit and the BAE Trident passenger cabin and cockpit, both of which are open to visitors on a timed ticket basis.
23. Our collection includes early examples of Gloster aircraft, namely the Gamecock and the Gladiator, as well as Gloster aircraft from the ‘jet age’, including the E28/39, the first allied jet-powered aircraft, the Meteor, the first jet fighter to enter service with the RAF, and the mighty Javelin, the first all-weather delta-wing interceptor fighter of the RAF. Also, there are 2 cockpits in the Display Hall open for access to the general public; each via a number of steps.
24. Please note that while Reception, the Café and the toilets are heated, the Display Hall is not and therefore can be quite cold during the winter period. The wearing of coats, hats and gloves inside the Display Hall is recommended if attending during the winter.
25. Interpretation boards are found throughout the museum and contain text and images in most cases.
26. Individual seating is located around the Display Hall. Unfortunately, there is no hearing loop system in the museum.
27. The Museum has available for loan one wheelchair, which can be requested free of charge from reception, although booking in advance is recommended.
28. Assistance dogs are welcome. Unfortunately, other dogs are not permitted in the building. Dogs may be taken into the picnic area. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times due the proximity of the airport.  Dog water bowls can be provided outside the main entrance.
29. We recommend allowing approximately 2 hours to go around the Museum.

Pedestrian and Road Vehicle Arrival and Parking

30. Jet Age Museum is located on Meteor Business Park, which is on the south side of Cheltenham Road East (B4063) directly opposite the Safran building. Look for the traffic lights between the large white Safran building and the Triumph building. Turn south off the main road into Meteor Business Park at the lights and the Museum blue gates will be on your right. The address is:
Jet Age Museum, Meteor Business Park, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester, GL2 9QL
31. If you are driving, and using a Satellite Navigation System and post-code, please note that this will take you to the eastern end of Meteor Business Park from where you will need to follow either the main road or the internal Business Park road westbound until you arrive at Jet Age museum at the western end of the Business Park.
32. The nearest bus route is the 94 route from either Gloucester or Cheltenham which runs along Cheltenham Road East (B4063). The Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 2000 (PSVAR) requires that all single-decker buses be accessible by 2016 and all double-deckers by 2017.
33.The nearest railway stations are Cheltenham Spa and Gloucester. You will need to connect to the museum by bus or taxi.
34. The No. 94 bus route passes the Meteor Business Park entrance in both directions. Both bus stops opposite the Safran building have a shelter and seating. Buses run roughly every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday and roughly every 30 minutes on a Sunday. The ‘Dowty’ stops are approximately 2 minutes’ walk away from the museum.
35. The Museum has a car park with spaces for approximately 34 vehicles. There are 2 separate accessible parking spaces to the front of the museum with a central transfer space. Please note that parking is at a premium at most times and while we may, at times, have access to additional parking on adjacent ground (grass) there is no guarantee of parking on site being available. Other public parking on Meteor Business Park is extremely limited as most parking areas are for commercial use. If you do need to park on Meteor Business Park roads during business hours, please do respect the need for business operation of the other tenants and do not obstruct access to their premises.
36.The car park is dimly lit at night. The car park gates are closed from 1600hrs to 1000hrs on open days and closed at all times on non-open days. The gravel surface of the car park and outside aircraft display area may provide difficulties for pushchairs and wheelchair users. Should problems be experienced, volunteer staff will be pleased to assist.
37. There is a cycle rack adjacent to the North East corner of the main building. Wood plates are available to support motorcycle stands when using the gravel car parking areas.
38. Please note that there is no road vehicle or pedestrian access to Jet Age Museum via Gloucestershire Airport.

Arriving by Air

39.A grass taxiway, designated ‘R’ accesses the museum’s grass parking area. Advise ATC that you wish to taxi to the museum and they’ll direct you accordingly.

Entrance and Reception

40. The main entrance into Reception and the Café is located at ground level and is step free. The entrance is a double width door 1600mm/63ins wide. Width of the single door is 810mm/32in. The entrance doors are embellished with contrasting signage.
41. The reception area is well lit with overhead lighting from fluorescent lights. The Reception desk is staffed by a volunteer who will provide basic information you may require for your visit. The entrance from Reception into the Display Hall is a double width door 1600mm/63in wide. All flooring is lino covered.  The height of the Reception counter is 1000mm. Low-level access to the Receptionist can be achieved at the end of the counter.

Public Toilets

42. Public toilets are located off the Reception area. The corridor to the toilets is 1150mm/45in wide. All flooring is lino covered. Hand cleansing fluid, hot water and hand dryers are provided. There are small refuse bins in all toilets.
43. The disabled toilet door is a pull door and when open provides an entrance width of 890mm/35ins. There is wheelchair space to the left of the cubicle when facing the toilet. The toilet is 49mm/19.5ins high from floor to seat. There is a horizontal grab rail and an additional pull down rail. The toilet is flushed with a push button on top of the low-level cistern. There is an adjacent wash-hand basin with a combined hot/cold tap operated by a horizontal lever.
44. A baby-changing table is available in the disabled toilet. If this amenity obstructs the use of the toilet then please contact the museum staff/Duty Manager via the Receptionist and the table will be removed.


45. The Café is called the Jet and Whittle Café and has 22 covers, open from 1000hrs to 1530hrs, subject to volunteer availability. A ‘tea, coffee and cakes’ menu is available at most times but cannot be guaranteed as the Café, just as with the museum itself, is staffed by volunteers and therefore availability cannot be assured.
46. The Café has well spaced tables and chairs which can be moved to allow wheelchair access. The gap below each table is 710mm/28in. Low-level access to the counter can be achieved at the end of the counter.
47. There is natural light in the restaurant.
48. There is an outside picnic area, on grass, which is accessed initially by a paved path. Access to an airport viewing mound is via an ash path.


49. There is a shop with a range of souvenirs and books which can be accessed from the Display Hall. Items are to be should be paid for at Reception. The shop is level throughout and is wheelchair accessible.