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Meteor F3 Cockpit EE425

The Gloster Meteor was the first and only operational jet fighter to actually enter combat in WWII for the Allies. Replacing the F1, the F3 had Rolls-Royce engines, a revised canopy style and increased fuel capacity. 

210 F3’s were produced and were first introduced on the Belgian front in January of 1945 to intercept the Me 262, however by that time the Luftwaffe was sufficiently weakened that the F3’s never engaged the 262 in combat. 

 They were mostly used in reconnaissance and air-to-ground support activities.

This cockpit is from the third oldest F3 Meteor and was purchased and presented to the Museum by Richard Greenwood, the son of Eric Greenwood, Chief Test Pilot at Gloster Aircraft Company, 1945-1946.