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Gloucestershire Aviation Collection trading as Jet Age Musuem General Privacy Statement

1. This statement is to inform those associated with the Gloucestershire Aviation Collection (GAC),
trading as Jet Age Museum, of the nature of the personal data we hold, how it is used, where that
data is held, how that data can be viewed and lastly, what happens when the data provided is no
longer relevant to GAC/Jet Age activity.
Data collection, retention and use
2. Jet Age Museum collects personal data for a number of reasons, including for administering
membership, volunteers, group and educational visits, acceptance of artefact loans and donations,
financial matters and other activity associated with the general business of running an active
independent museum and visitor attraction. Individuals may be asked for personal details that
include name, postal address, contact telephone number, e-mail address (and possibly some bank
details for financial matters). This information is necessary to enable Jet Age to carry out its
legitimate museum business and in some cases as required by UK law. In addition, there may be
some services offered for which we require specific consent to retain and use personal data, in
which case individuals will be offered the opportunity to Opt-In. In all cases, information
provided may be retained in our records on a spreadsheet or entered into a database; access to
which is restricted to specific members of the management team with the associated
responsibilities (and for financial matters possibly to the appointed Accountants, namely Pitt
Godden & Taylor of Unit 3, Ambrose House, Meteor Court, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucester,
GL4 3GG). Any hardcopy documents completed, such as membership applications and
membership renewals, volunteering forms, Gift Aid (GA) certificates, artefact loan or donation
forms or visit request forms will be retained under lock and key in the Jet Age office, accessible
only to the same people as that for the other records.
3. Personal data provided will be used only for the purposes stated for the activity in question.
4. Personal data provided is not shared with any other organisation or agency, other than when
required by UK law, ie GA certificates submitted to HMRC.
Viewing personal data held by Jet Age
5. Personal data held is available to view by contacting the Museum Manager via the normal Jet Age
Museum contact channels. As an all-volunteer organisation open to the public at weekends, Bank
Holidays and school holiday Wednesdays only, actual viewing times will, by necessity, be by
negotiation and appointment.
Your rights
6. If an individual informs the Museum Manager that they no longer wish for their personal details
to be held, or GAC membership or volunteering status ceases, all relevant information other than
that which is legitimately or legally required to be kept will be deleted. Jet Age therefore retains
the right to keep such records and details for the period determined by UK law.
7. Individuals have the right to view their personal data, as detailed in para 5, given proof of identity.
Review of Data
8. Personal data is regularly and routinely reviewed. Data that is no longer relevant to GAC/Jet Age
operations will be deleted. The review schedule may be requested from the Museum Manager.
Further Discussion
9. Should individuals wish to discuss Data Protection please contact the Museum Manager by e-mail
through the Jet Age website or by writing to: Jet Age Museum, Cheltenham Road East,
Gloucester, GL2 9QL