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Current Projects

Hawker Typhoon Cockpit/Fuselage

Hawker Typhoon Cockpit/Fuselage All of the 3,300 Hawker Typhoon World War 2 production fighter bomber aircraft were built at the Gloster Aircraft Company at Brockworth near Gloucester for the Royal Air Force.To have a cockpit/fuselage on display is therefore an …
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Horsa Cockpit Restoration

Horsa Cockpit Remembering Operation Varsity 24th March 1945 saw the beginning of Operation Varsity, the last and largest airborne operation of WWII. Some 440 British gliders where towed to Germany and released near Hamminkeln close to the river Rhine. After …
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Model Cabinet Upgrade

Model aircraft have a long association with displays at Jet Age Museum and the three main cabinets have now been upgraded.  

Alan Drewett, curator of Models said “One of the cabinet floors, displaying 1/144 scale aircraft, became too crowded and now the left hand floor is devoted to civil aircraft connected to our Hawker Siddeley Trident cockpit while the right hand floor puts the Avro Vulcan cockpit into context with 1/144 scale representations of Vickers Valiant and Handley Page Victor bombers as well as the Lockheed U2 spy plane.  When one of these was shot down by a Soviet Surface to Air missile (SAM) on 1 May 1960 flying at 70 000 feet over Russia, the nature of aerial warfare changed forever. 
The museum collection has hundreds of aircraft models that are not on display. These and the models on display can be viewed by using the Pinterest application and searching on ‘Jet Age Museum Gloucestershire Models’. A particular aircraft type, e.g. Javelin, can be found by searching on ‘Jet Age Museum Gloucestershire Models Javelin’


 Jet Age Museum has also recently been gifted a superb 1/72 scale model of a Douglas Thor Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile in white Royal Air Force markings, including a red rather than silver rocket nozzle.  These were stationed in eastern England from 1958 to 1963 and marked a transition from V bombers dropping free fall nuclear bombs to the later submarine launched Polaris system of the Royal Navy.  To celebrate this, a number of Jet Age Museum members have joined forces to create a temporary display of Douglas products, including the iconic DC 3 Dakota, Free French liveried Douglas A-24B Banshee dive bomber developed from the Douglas SBD Dauntless) and the S-IV stage of the Saturn V moon rocket”